With LocaBrd your spontaneous visit is possible again!

Easy, fast, clear and safe!

Open the LocaBird app on your phone and see at a glance on the map which location is open or closed.

You can view each case based on profile with photos, information, telephone number and possibly a reservation.

By easily scanning in and out at your favorite location, you automatically avoid crowded places and prevent long queues. No more pen and paper at your favorite location.

Download the LocaBird app quickly and welcome in!

How does it work? Very simple.

Download the LocaBird app and create an account. Discover all locations near you. Scan in, enter, have fun!

Scan in

No more pen and paper in the catering industry. Scan in and come in! They can also scan your own unique barcode at the table or in the bar!

Scan out

When you leave, do not forget to scan out so that all administration of your favorite location remains in order.


Is your favorite location not yet on LocaBird?

Help your location now.

They can register completely FREE and use the LocaBird platform.

Enter the name, enter the location and send us the tip.

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