Why LocaBird?

Easy, fast, clear and safe! Separate registration forms and / or loose sheets containing all the details of your customers. You must keep track of and / or save everything. Guests standing in line and still have to fill in their details.

This can be done much easier and faster.


Customer friendly

People can scan in and out directly with the app, so you can focus on doing business. With LocaBird you do not leave your guests waiting unnecessarily.

All data is stored on our secure servers, so you and the customer no longer have to worry about this.


Reach more customers

With LocaBird you increase the visibility of your location with your own unique information page (photos, information, opening hours, telephone number, etc.) and you reach a new, large group of customers. In addition to registration, people can see in the LocaBird app exactly when you are open or closed.

Become a LocaBird partner for free!

  • QR-code entry and exit to ensure real time occupancy and automated traffic light management
  • Entry poster with QR-code – Scan in
  • Exit poster with QR-code – Scan out
  • Industry specific poster
  • Occupancy management ensuring your business abides by social distancing rules
  • Social Media Adds for your business for promotion of your location on the App

Optional extras:

  • Entry/exit cameras to register the clients movements and automatically update the traffic light in real time (the camera will only count, it does not film or photograph individuals according to privacy policies)
  • Your brand on LocaBird posters
  • Your brand on our advertising and marketing platforms
  • Branded social media package, including FaceBook and Instagram
  • First to know of any package or module development

How does it work? Simpel!



Register your location as a partner with LocaBird. Your business will then be suggested for guests on the website and on the app..


Traffic Light

By means of the free LocaBird Traffic Light module, you can display the real-time occupancy of your location.


Administrative process

The customer makes a reservation and decision quickly and easily. Now the administrative process of reservation, entering and exiting the building are taken off your hands. Spontaneous visits are possible again.

The platform that continues to grow

LocaBird can be used at any location and for many purposes. Our team strives to create optimal platforms for every entrepreneur. The LocaBird platform will therefore be expanded with industry-specific modules. As an entrepreneur, we need your help. Tell us what you need and we will make the module. If it works for you, it will work for everyone on the LocaBird platform.

Register your company as a LocaBird partner today.

Whether you own a restaurant, barber shop, café or gym or you are responsible for the visitor flows in a museum, swimming pool or cinema: with your location on the LocaBird platform you increase visibility, occupancy and turnover. Register now, we will contact you by phone and ensure that your company is properly brought to the attention of your guests.

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